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Built to handle managerial and operational level activities of any shop, wholesale or retail outlet with a breeze.

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Built with an in-depth study of how shops and supermarkets work.

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Built with an in-depth study of how shops and supermarkets work. | Easy Balance

Managing a shop should not be hard

We make remote and on-premise shop management a breeze with features for all your needs.

Comprehensive Retail and Wholesale Management System

Manage your Retail/Wholesale shop with our point of sale software

  • Know when products are expiring
  • Know when products quantity is reducing
  • Know when your business is making profit or loss

Transform Your Wholesale Center With Easy Balance

With the ever-changing market conditions and increasing competition within industries, Easy Balance helps wholesale and retail distributors respond to the dynamics of the market. You gain a centralized solution for all information on customers, orders, suppliers, stock, and products.

Integrate your unique set of activities and workflows with a system specifically designed to deliver wholesale commerce, sales, management, inventory and analysis - all from a single platform.

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Point of Sale

Boost sales by selling wherever your customers are ready to buy with Easy Balance, a cloud based system for quick and convenient sale transactions.

Stock Management

Receive stock from your suppliers, prepare purchase orders and stay ahead of the game with notifications about stock levels and upcoming expiry dates.

Customer Management

View and manage information about your customers from a single dashboard. Get an indept report on all transactions between you and each customer.

Analytical Reports

With Easy Balance, you don't have to face the hassle of manual spreadsheets and sales tracking anymore. Everything is in one integrated system, accessible everywhere, and is easy to adjust in minutes.

Integrated System

Manage all your wholesale or retail branches from a central system. Easy Balance allows you to transfer and audit stock accross multiple branches without hustle.

Easy Moderation

Regular employees shouldn't see your finance records even if they are making sales, with Easy Balance, you have the choice to select what features your employees have access to.

Simplify your business administration

As your business grows, hires more employees, and expands to multiple locations, the administrative work can become more mundane, time-consuming, and stressful. Easy Balance simplifies all admin processes, saves you hours of your time, and removes the stress from managing your business.